Chingay Parade 2012

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501st Legion XMas Greeting

I received this greeting card from 501st Legion Portugal via snail mail.. Quite rare to receive one. I’m impressed!
Thanks Valter!!

Battle of the Toys at FX

Went Trooping with Order66 again, and this time for a larger crowd. It’s also a realization how expensive toys are in Jakarta!

Trooping with Order66 at Epicentrum

Was invited to troop along with Order66 at Epicentrum on Oct 1st. Pretty much is my first trooping in Indonesia. I didn’t realize there are other geeks than me, some more so. Haha.

Why is it always the girls that like to handle big guns? … …

Armor in Suitcase

This is how I pack my armor in a large sturdy suitcase. Also packed in are glues, velcros, and other parts needed for quick repairs. That bubble wrapped thing is my blaster.

Every few short weeks, I’d take them all out to air. I’m still looking for a good helmet bag though… right now, my helmet’s wrapped in a Ritz Carlton’s laundry bag!